Once you have recorded or scheduled a Webex meeting, you will have a shareable link. For a recorded meeting, you will be able to select whether or not a password is needed to access the video. For more instructions on Webex, see this article. Follow the instructions below to add a link to your Blackboard course so that students can join meetings or view a recorded meeting.

  1. Find the link and password from Webex. It will look like the image below. (If you need more help finding this on Webex, view this article).

  2. Enter the Content Area you created for the week or class session, and select Build Content. Then Select Web Link.

  3. Enter a Name for the link, copy and paste the URL into Blackboard, and copy and paste the password into the Text box (if you chose to have one from Webex).

  4. Click Submit. You should then see something like the image below in the Content Area.