1. Download and install the Cisco Webex Application if it not already installed on your computer (https://www.webex.com/downloads.html)

  2. Once installed open the Cisco Webex Meeting Application

  3. Enter your full PTS email address (i.e. firstname.lastname@ptsem.edu)

  4. You will be brought to a PTS branded log in page, enter your PTS email address and password.  Click Sign in when done.

  5. Once logged in, you will have access to the to the control panel in which you can start a meeting now, schedule a meeting, or and view upcoming schedule meetings.  

Integration Note

If you have Microsoft Outlook installed on your computer, Webex will integrate with your upcoming meeting and allow add a Webex meeting if needed.  It will also allow you to schedule Webex meeting using Outlook. To do this, once signed in please click import Outlook meeting and follow any prompts.  When Webex integrates with outlook, Webex boxes will appear on the tool actions tool bar

If asked “Which Webex site do you want to use?”, please enter ptsem.webex.com and click next.