1. Open outlook and select the Calendar option.

  2. Find the Webex Section in the toolbar and select schedule meeting.

  3. Select either Schedule Webex meeting or Schedule Personal room Meeting. [A personal room meeting will have the same meeting address each time you use it.  For example, Johnny Appleseed’s personal meeting would always be https://ptsem.webex.com/meet/johnny.appleseed.  In contrast, a Webex meeting will have a unique, random number assigned to it.]

  4. A new meeting box will appear in which you can set the date and time, add a subject of the meeting and add attendees.

  5. Once complete, press Send.  A meeting invitation will be sent to all of your attendees with the meeting notes and instructions on how to connect to the Webex meeting.

*When scheduling across time zones it will translate correctly. For example, if you schedule a meeting for 4pm EST and send it to someone in California, they will receive if for 1pm PST.