Setting Up Recording While Scheduling a Webex Meeting

1. In order to do this, you must schedule your meetings via the website, not the desktop application.  For more instructions on how to do this, see this article.

2. On the website, before you select Schedule or Save, click the dropdown menu for Scheduling Options.

3. Under Scheduling options, select Automatically start recording when the meeting starts.

4. Once all settings are configured, press Save.

5. A notification will be sent to all attendees with the meeting information and step on how to connect.

Setting Up Recording While In a Webex Meeting 

1. Sign into Webex and begin a meeting. [Note that only the host or an alternate host can record a meeting. The recording option is not available for other attendees. Additionally, if an alternate host records the meeting, the meeting host still receives and owns the recording after the meeting ends.]

2. To record a Webex meeting once the meeting has started, select the record icon shown below.

3. If you would like to share a presentation or your screen, see how to use tools to share presentations and record your meetings here.

4. Once your meeting ends, your recorded file will take a bit of time to process, but will become available to the meeting host as a link once it has processed. To find the link on the web browser, select Recordings from the left menu bar. You will then see a list of your recorded meetings. From there, you can view the recording or share the link with others. To see how to share the meeting recording, see this article.