In this article, you will find the steps to login and access your scheduled Webex meetings

for your PTS classes.

If you are a PTS student it is recommended that you sign into the Webex website or the

desktop applications before accessing the meeting link within your Blackboard course.  

Instructions for signing into the website are below.  

For non-PTS students, please follow the instructions for accessing your class meeting

link below.  When joining the meeting, please select "Join from your Browser". You will

be presented with a location to enter your name and email address.  Once entered you

will join the meeting as a guest.

Access your class meeting link through Blackboard

    1. Log into Blackboard at

    2. Locate your class.

    3. Locate the new content area called "Digital Learning" from the left hand menu.

    4. Click on the Remote class or precept meeting link. You will be brought to the site hosted by your instructor. You can download and install the Webex meetings app to integrate Webex with your computer or the option to "Join from your browser" will appear after a few seconds.

    5. Select and allow Webex to use your computer's camera and microphone if you would like. Follow any computer or system prompts to allow webex to use your microphone or camera

    6. Click Join meeting.

Logging into Webex website

    1. Access the PTS Webex website at

    2. Click "Sign in" on the upper right hand corner

    3. Enter your PTS Email address

    4. Enter your PTS email address and password in the provided fields

    5. You will be brought to your Webex main menu.

Important Notes

You can join any meeting up to 5 minutes before the scheduled time.  You will be placed in a waiting room until the instructor/preceptor/host starts the meeting.


You have the ability to select your microphone and camera sharing preferences.  You have the ability to "mute" your video/camera and audio device during the meeting at any point.