You can use the mute and unmute functions to prevent unwanted noise in your meeting. During a meeting, you can mute or unmute yourself, other attendees, and background noise.

You can use the mute and unmute functions while you are in a meeting to be heard when you are speaking and to be silent when you are not. If your microphone is running when you are not speaking, you can use the mute function to prevent background noise from being heard.

When you are a meeting host, you can also mute or unmute any of the participants that are in your meeting. This can be useful when you are hearing background noise or when someone is speaking out of turn.

To mute or unmute yourself, select Mute or Unmute .

As the meeting host, to mute everyone at once, from the Participant menu, select Mute All or Unmute All.  To configure your meeting to mute each participant as they join the meeting, from the Participant menu, select Mute on Entry.

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