Raising Your Hand

You can use the Raise Hand  feature in the Participants panel to signal a question during a live meeting.

To raise your hand during a meeting:

Note: Be sure to use the Desktop Application if you want to use this feature. The browser version does not support this feature. 

1. Open the Participant list by selecting Participants.

2. In the list, when you hover over your name, you will see the Raise Hand button. When you click this, your hand will be raised and the meeting host (your teacher or preceptor) will see your raised hand.

Using Chat

During a meeting, session, or event, the presenter can specify chat privileges for participants. These privileges determine which participants can send chat messages.

To send a chat message:

1. Open the Chat panel.

2. In the Send to or To drop-down list, select the recipient of the message.

3. Enter your message in the chat text box, then press Enter on your keyboard.