If your microphone isn't connecting at all, follow the steps below to try to resolve the issue. This article assumes you are using the computer desktop application for Webex. If you are using something else, please try joining the meeting from the computer desktop application before following the steps below. You may also want to try using different versions of Webex in general to see if you can resolve the issue that way (e.g. Desktop application, phone app, etc.).

If the microphone is connected, but the sound keeps going in and out or sounds weird, you should try using or changing your headphones. If the microphone is connected but you seem to be having internet connectivity issues, see this article to help troubleshoot your internet connection.

1. If it looks like the microphone is unmuted, first turn the microphone off and back on by muting and unmuting yourself (here's an article on how to do this).

2.  Next, try editing your microphone settings by entering the audio settings in the toolbar for Webex. Click Speaker, Microphone, and Camera. (The image below shows what it looks like in the Mac desktop application).

3. You can change which microphone is being connected through Webex, as well as the microphone volume. Make sure that both of these settings are usable (the microphone is set with your headphones or the computer internal speaker and the volume is up).

4. Open another application to see if the microphone is working there. For Windows, test your general mic settings by following the steps in this article. For Mac, use the instructions in this article to see your microphone input settings. If you find that the microphone is working for your computer in general, you know that it's a problem with Webex specifically. Otherwise, it may be a problem with your computer settings or with the microphone you're using.

5. If it's a problem with the computer and microphone (not just Webex), make sure your privacy settings allow the microphone to be used by applications like Webex. For Windows, go to Settings -> Privacy -> Microphone. Select Allow apps to access your microphone and Allow desktop apps to access your Microphone. For Mac, go to System preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Privacy tab -> Microphone. Check the box next to Applications.

6. Exit the Webex meeting, close the Webex application, open the Webex application, and join the meeting again.

7. Restart the computer and join the meeting again.

8. Run any software updates on your computer, including operating system updates.

9. If you are still having trouble connecting with your audio, please reach out to help.desk@ptsem.edu to assist with even more troubleshooting.

For more, see this Webex help article about troubleshooting your audio connection.