When you do not have access to the library, students have limited access to Accordance or other Bible Softwares licensed by the Seminary. However, there are several tools that are available online for free. They can help with translation, parsing, exegesis, accessing concordance data, etc. If you need specific help with these tools, please email digital.learning@ptsem.edu with questions.

Blue Letter Bible:


  • To use this tool Search the Book, Chapter, and Verse that you are trying to look up. And choose the bible that you would like to look it up in (i.e. Westminster Leningrad Codex, NASB, NIV, etc…)
  • The “Tools” button next to every verse gives options for viewing information about the text
    • The “Interlinear” tab gives the original language of each of the verse (This is the most helpful tab for translation work)
      •  It also gives Strong’s Concordance #s and links for almost every word – when the blue link to the Concordance # is clicked there are basic dictionary/concordance resources available
      • Some of the words can be parsed- this will appear as a blue link under the column that says “Parsing”
    • The “Bibles” tab gives a list of different translations for the chosen verse
    • The “Commentary” tab gives available commentaries for this verse (I usually do not find this to be helpful)
    • The “Dictionaries” Tab gives a list of dictionary entries that might be helpful (I also do not usually find this to be helpful)


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Scholar’s Gateway


To use this tool use the Search Bar to bring up your selected text

  • By scrolling over the word you are interested a parsing guide will appear. 
  • You can have multiple translations present and can view them as parallel by clicking the “parallel” box at the top of the text
  • The “Word Parser” tab at the top of the page will give more in depth parsing for the selected text


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In order to use Step Bible enter the text you wish to view, along with the bible(s) you would like to view in, in the top search bar (You can also search the different kinds of bibles by clicking the ‘Advanced Search’ option when you go to type in the search bar)

  • By hovering over a word with your mouse, you can get a dictionary entry/gloss for the work
  • You can add multiple bibles as interlinear in the same screen by entering multiple bibles into the search bar
    • OHB - [Hebrew OT Leningrad Codex based on BHS] is the most comprehensive and tagged version of the Hebrew Bible
    • WHNU - [Westcott-Hort, NA+UBS] is the most comprehensive and tagged version of the New Testament
    • You can also add parallel views by clicking the ‘+’ sign at the top right hand of the box with the biblical text 



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