Audition is Adobe's software for precision audio editing, mixing, and sound effects.  Audition allows you to record and mix audio for video, podcasts, and sound effect design.  In addition, you can also clean up recordings and restore audio.  Audition has two modes: accessible by clicking on the Waveform or Multitrack buttons at the top left of the screen, or by double-clicking to open an audio file or multitrack session in the Files panel.  

Multitrack View

The multitrack view offers a comprehensive set of non-destructive tools for mixing and editing audio.  Changes that you make in this mode do not modify your original audio files.  You can make several adjustments to multitrack clips directly, making it really easy to adjust a mix quickly.  For example, adjust a clip's level to make it more audible.

In the Multitrack Editor, the Editor panel provides several elements that help you mix and edit sessions. In the track controls on the left, you adjust track‑specific settings, such as volume and pan. In the timeline on the right, you edit the clips and automation envelopes in each track.  


Audition has a number of panels, each providing different functionality.  Workspaces make it simple to organize panels for different activities.  This is the basic workspace frame.

A. Application window   B. Grouped panels   C. Individual panel

You customize a workspace by arranging panels in the layout that best suits your working style. As you rearrange panels, the other panels resize automatically to fit the window. You can create and save several custom workspaces for different tasks—for example, one for editing and one for previewing.  One panel that is very useful to have is the essential sound panel.  The essential sound panel provides access to useful effect presets and clip adjustments based on particular tasks.  


Effects can be applied one at a time by selecting them in the Effects menu, or by adding them as a list in the Effects Rack, which allows you to experiment with Effect combinations before applying them. 

The Effects Rack lets you insert, edit, and reorder up to 16 effects, optimize mix levels, and store favorite presets. Most rack controls appear in both the Waveform and Multitrack editors.  Presets help you get started, with detailed controls to finesse your adjustments.  You can also batch-process audio files to remove issues like 60 Hz hum or match the amplitude of clips, using a range of measures.  

For more information and video tutorials for Adobe Audition, visit here.  Also, all Adobe programs offer in-app tutorials for you to be able to learn the different aspects of the software, which are very helpful and a hands-on way to become familiar with each program and its capabilities.