As a meeting host, you can move a participant into the lobby and admit them back into the meeting when ready. When an attendee is moved to the lobby, they can't hear or see any of the content being shared or interact with anyone in the meeting, similar to being put on hold, until they are brought back into the meeting by the host. When you need to talk to some of the meeting participants privately, you can temporarily excuse the others from the meeting.  

This article will walk you through how to move attendees to and from the lobby.  For more detailed information, see this article here.

Move a Participant to the Lobby

1. From the meeting controls, select the participants icon to open the Participants panel.

2. Right-click the participant name and then click Move to Lobby.  

3. You'll see a notification in the Participants panel that these attendees are in the lobby.

Admitting Participants from the Lobby into the Meeting

1. When you're ready to let people back in from the lobby, click the notification in the Participants panel, and choose who to admit. 

2. Under Waiting to Join, do one of the following:

  • To admit individual people or video device users, select the checkbox next to their names and select Admit.

  • To admit everyone who's waiting, select the Signed In checkbox and select Admit.