Zotero has a variety of functions to help with writing. This article gives a brief overview of what Zotero is and what it can be used for. Make sure to click the links to explore specific ways Zotero can be used.

What does Zotero do?

Zotero is, at the most basic level, a reference manager. It is designed to store, manage, and cite bibliographic references, such as books and articles. In Zotero, each of these references constitutes an item. More broadly, Zotero is a powerful tool for collecting and organizing research information and sources. 

Navigating Zotero

Zotero’s simple interface is composed of three columns moving left to right from general to specific. The left column displays your library and various collections and subcollections along with tags. The center column displays the references in the specific collection you have highlighted in the left column. The right column provides the specific details about the reference highlighted in the center column including bibliographic information, notes,

and any attachments.

Primary Functions of Zotero

Below is a list of links that will help you explore and learn about different ways Zotero can be utilized in your research. 

1. Adding and organizing research material

2. Using Zotero with Microsoft Word

3. Keeping notes in Zotero

4. Creating a bibliography