Padlet is a great tool for live stream brainstorming, getting audience members (anonymous or named) to share out ideas, and allowing peers to comment on each other's thoughts in both written and non-verbal ways. 

Step 1: Sign up

Click [here] to sign up. If you would like to sync it other accounts you have, feel free to click on the one you'd prefer. 

Accept the required permissions and choose the plan you would like.


Step 2: Create a Padlet

Step 2a: Click on

Step 2b: Choose the format you'd like the posts to follow

*Back Channel is a great option for wanting to allow people to discuss while in a video call but not use the video call chat (which can be distracting for others). 

Step 2c: Edit Your Padlet

- Change the title, description, icon, link, appearance, posting protocol, and content filters by double-clicking on the title or description of your Padlet.

*Be aware of student accessibility when it comes to the color of the background, the color scheme, and font style. 

- The Posting section is very important for how you'd like your audience to interact. If you're asking a personal/emotional question it might be recommended for folks to remain anonymous. Therefore, leave  'attribution' unchecked.

- If you'd like folks to be able to comment on each other's posts click on the 'comments' button

*This a great tip for when folks are done posting their own thoughts, they have something to do after (if you're still waiting on others). 

*If you click 'attribution' the comments will also have names on them. If you don't click 'attribution' the comments will also be anonymous.

- Reactions are a great way to get the audience to interact with each other's posts, at a lower level than commenting. Feel free to do both!

- Content Filtering is important for those working with minors. Consider!

-When finished click


Step 3: Share

Look to the top right-hand corner of your Padlet and click on 'Share'. 

    3a: Change 'Privacy Settings' to determine how people will enter

*If you'd just like to share it with others so they can only read it or even edit it, make sure to click on 'can write' in green above and it will show you this (below). 

    3b: Choose the way you'd like to share!

- An easy way to share is to copy the link (if secret or public) and just paste it into your video call chat feed!


Step 4: Moderate the Padlet

Here's a Padlet while folks are using it!

- They can add their own thoughts by clicking on the 'pink plus sign' in the bottom, right-hand corner.

- Encourage students to upload pictures, add links, etc. 

- If they click the '...' for all of the options below  

*Moderate posts so that they don't physically overlap (physically drag and move them). 

** Refresh the page to make sure students are seeing everyone's posts

Check out this Padlet [here] so you can see better how it all works!