FlipGrid is a fabulous learning tool to allow folks to respond to prompts, for peers to respond to each other's video responses, and for educators to give feedback. 

Step 1: Sign Up

Click [here] to sign up with FlipGrid. It's in the top right-hand corner and looks like this:


Step 2: Create a Grid

Once you've made it to your 'homepage' you need to make a 'Grid'. Grids are ways to group-specific topics/people who will be responding. You can think of separate grids are like separate classes or separate content areas. 

Step 2a: Create a Grid

Click on the 'Add New Grid' button (pictured below)

-Decide what you'd like to title it (think of class name, group name, etc. )

- Then decide how people will be invited into this Grid.

- Share the link found below this (pictured below), with those you'd like to join the Grid.

* If you keep it public it might be wise to create a password otherwise anyone will have access to entering and working in the Grid.


Step 3: Create a Topic

Topics are a specific prompt/question you want your audience/students to respond to. 

Step 3a: Create a topic

Click on the 'Add New Topic' (as pictured below)

Think of a title and prompt for your students to respond to

- Change the maximum amount of time a student can take to respond

*If you don't want students to see each other's responses, click on the 'video moderation' 

- If you'd like your students to refer to a certain article, video, piece of work make sure to attach it here (pictured below)!

- Set a time in which the topic will open and then 'close' and be considered 'frozen' (view-only).

- Video Features allow you to determine how students will respond, if they can attach other documents, allow for students to respond to each other, and if they can like each other's responses.

*Student-to-Student Replies is a great feature that allows for students to give feedback, add on to other's responses, etc. 

- The Feedback feature allows the educator/facilitator to give feedback based on a pre-created rubric made by FlipGrid or you can create your own!

- Then click 'create'!


Step 4: Share the Topic

- Click on the blue button 'share topic' (pictured below)

- Decide on the multiple ways you'd like to share this specific topic with your participants! Remember, if they already are apart of the Grid, they'll have access to this topic. However, this link will send them directly to this topic. 


Step 5: Moderate Student Work + Give Feedback

Once students have started recording moderate their work by clicking on each of their responses to do a plethora of interacting and giving feedback!

- You can respond with a video by clicking on either icon pictured below

- You can highlight is as an exemplar by clicking on the star (pictured below)

- You can show you 'liked' it by clicking on the 'heart'

- You can grade it, based on the rubric you chose

- You can also give written feedback. 

- Click 'active' if you'd like it to remain 'active' or be 'hidden'. Clicking the 'share' button allows you to share the link to that student's work. 

- If you click on 'actions' (pictured below) there is plentitude in what you could do

*Check out this FlipGrid [here], to get an idea of how it all works! 

** Need extra support? Click [here].