If you need help editing your Webex recordings, we are happy to help!  In order to send your recording to be edited, we need the downloaded .MOV or .MP4 file, as we cannot edit the video from sharing it with the password.  

In order to Share your Webex recording, you must access your Webex account through a web browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc..) 

  1. Once you have logged on to your account. Click the "Recordings" Button

  2. Find the Download button to the far right-hand side of the recording (immediately to the right of "MP4" in the image below) you wish to share.

  3. Once you click that button, the file will download to your computer.  To then share the video, you will upload it to OneDrive.  To access OneDrive, login with your PTS credentials here.
  4. Once you have logged in, select the Upload button at the top of the window and then select Files from the dropdown menu.

  5. Select the recording file you downloaded, which should be found in your Downloads.  Depending on the size, it may take a few minutes to upload.

  6. Once it has finished uploading to your OneDrive, select Share next to the file.

  7. Once the Share Screen pops up, select the Link Settings and select "People In Princeton Theological Seminary with the Link can Edit," then click Apply.

  8.  Once those settings have been changed, enter in digital.learning@ptsem.edu under the email line and select send.  Under the notes section, feel free to add any notes of edits you would like done, if you have not previously shared those with our office.