Would you like to get to know your audience and their opinions, more than just a mere presentation? Mentimeter is for you. While it's similar to Nearpod, it's less about delivering content and more about engaging your audience's thoughts. With a free account, you can only add two questions  (voting, scales, word cloud, etc). and five quiz-style questions (open response and multiple choice). 

Step 1: Create an account

Go to mentimeter.com

- Click 

- Create an account using your PTS Microsoft Outlook login 

* Remember the password will not sync if you change it in Outlook- this is your Mentimeter password)

- Choose the free plan by clicking on 'dive right in'

- Now you're ready to start creating!

Step 2: Create a presentation

- Create a new presentation or use a template provided!

- Title your presentation

- Get started!

**You can only choose two types of 'popular question types' and five 'quiz competition' 

    - 'Popular question types' are useful for getting to know audience thoughts/opinions

    - 'Quiz competition' question types are useful to engage in a check for understanding with your students

*Remember to change how much time each student gets to take on responding, whether or not you'd like music playing, and if you'd like there to be a leader board

Step 3: Share and Present

In the top right-hand corner, if learning virtually click 'share'

*When clicking on 'expand' you can decide who has access and how long you'd like the code to be open

** If you'd like participants to see how they all did, after the presentation, click on 'presentation sharing'

- If you will be sharing your screen with participants click back on 'present' 

- Students then can log in with the website and access code at the top

*Students can only see your screen if you're showing it to them. They only see the questions, not the responses

Educator view: 

Student view before answering:

Student view after answering: 

**Therefore, make sure that students have access to the instructor's screen for best use!