Need some support on learning how to use FlipGrid?

Step 1: Download Flipgrid App or go to Web Browser (the app version will be shown)


- Create Flipgrid: 1a. Go to your app store and download Flipgrid and it will prompt you

- 1b. Click student and enter the Flipgrid code your instructor has provided (or scan the QR code!)

* In this case, try it out: 179dbff

- 1c. Type in the password if needed (provided by the educator)

*In this case, PTSOnlineLearning

Now you've made it to the 'Topic' -- this is where you'll respond to your instructor's prompt

*In this case, it's asking you how the ODL supported you in online learning

- 1d. Read the prompt (which can be read aloud and used with visual aid if clicking on the blue 'book' and 'sound-symbol' below.

- 1e. Respond to the prompt by clicking on the 'green plus sign' to add your response!

**While recording the prompt will NOT be shown- so make sure you have it written down/remember it!

-1f. Sign in with your PTS Microsoft Outlook login!

- 1g. Allow Flipgrid access

-1h. Record!

*Add emojis, text, filters, and words

- 1i. Review

- 1j. Take self for Topic

-1k. Title + Download

*Title your topic response, edit name, and download if desired (top right-hand corn 'cloud - arrow' symbol)

- 1l. Submit

-1m. Next steps

Step 2: Respond to Other Flipgrids

If your instructor has asked you to watch and respond to other's Flipgrids, follow below.

2a. Return to Topic

2b. Click on a student's response and watch

2c. Respond to peer

*Click on 'green talk bubbles' to respond to your peer!