Wanting to find an interactive way to check for student understanding- even if for just 3 minutes? Try Kahoot! You can engage your audience individually (helpful for online learning) or in groups (supported for in-person learning).

Step 1: Create an Account

Click [here] and click on 'Sign Up'


Click 'teacher'

Click on 'higher education'

Type in preferred email:

If they try to get you to upgrade, just click on 'Thanks, maybe later'

Step 2: Create a Kahoot!

Click 'create'

Look at logistics (how long a student can take to answer, answer type, image, etc.)

Pick time

answer type:

Insert answers 

*make sure to indicate which one is correct

When finished, click 'preview' 

Click 'done' and give it a title and description if you desire!

Step 3: Play!

When you're at your homepage, click on 'My Kahoots' in the top right-hand corner

Click on the Kahoot you want to play

Click 'play'

Decide the format you want to play:

Decide the specifics around how you'd like students to engage:

If doing this virtually- make sure to share screen so that folks can get the code + answer choices 

**Students NEED to see YOUR screen to see answer choices, they won't see it.

Have fun and enjoy!