Edpuzzle is integrated directly into Blackboard, so it's easy to assign a video in your course. Follow the steps below in order to add an Edpuzzle video directly into your course in Blackboard.

1. In Blackboard in the folder or module where you want the video, hover over "Build Content" and select Edpuzzle from the dropdown options.

2. Add the name for the video link that you want to appear in Blackboard.

3. Add a point value for the video and a due date (add "0" if you do not want the video to have a grade).

4. Make sure that you have logged into Edpuzzle through the Blackboard site.

Your gradebook that records the responses to the video questions will be available on edpuzzle.com. You will also notice a new column created for your Blackboard course on the Edpuzzle website.