The Office of Digital Learning has created folders for all instructors in Sharepoint.  The purpose of these folders is to provide a space for you to upload your video files to a secure cloud service.  This way, we can provide editing assistance if you would like, and if something were to happen to your computer or hard drive, the videos would be not be lost.  This article will walk you through uploading those files to Sharepoint.

1. First, open the Sharepoint webpage for your folder.  We will email you a link to access this folder.  If you have not been emailed said link, please contact us at

2. To upload the file, click Upload on the menu at the top of the webpage.  

3. Select File from the drop down menu.

4. Select the video file or files that you would like to upload from your computer.  It may take a few minutes for them to upload.

5.  If you would like us to do any editing for the videos, please email us to let us know that the videos have been uploaded and are ready to be edited, as well as any notes of what edits you would like done.