With Windows 10, you can use the Game Bar to record a video of your screen.  With this, you can start a recording from most applications and windows, with a few exceptions.  You can't begin a capture from the Desktop, File Explorer, or certain Windows apps, such as Weather. This article will walk you through the steps to do that.

1. First, make sure that Game Bar is enabled. Open Settings > Gaming > Game Bar and turn on the switch to Record game clips, screenshots, and broadcast using Game Bar, if it's not already on.

2. Open the Start menu and search for "Game Bar" or you can use the keyboard shortcut by hitting the Windows key and G simultaneously.  The Game Bar window will open.

3. Click the Start Recording button to capture your screen activity.  The first time you choose to record screen activity from a specific application or window, Game Bar needs your permission. Click the checkbox to "Enable gaming features for this app to record gameplay." Click the Start Recording button again, and the video capture starts.

4. You can now perform whatever screen actions you want to capture. The Game Bar widgets vanish, replaced by a small floating bar in the upper-right corner of the screen through which you can control the recording.

5. To stop the recording, click the Recording button on the floating bar. A notification appears telling you that the game clip was recorded. Click the notification, and File Explorer opens to the specified location. Just double-click the video file to play it in its associated application.