If you use a Mac computer, your videos that you make with Quicktime automatically save as a .mov file.  For whatever reason, it seems that .mov files are not playing in Brightspace properly.  Rather than playing, it gives an error message and prompts the viewer to download the video.  To fix this issue in Brightspace, we just need to change the file from an .mov to an .mp4.

You can convert the file from an .mov to an .mp4 really easily on your computer!  To do that, open the Finder window where your videos are stored.  It should look something like this, and the files have .mov at the end.

From here, do a slow double click on the video file you would like to change, as if you were changing the file name, then delete the "mov" and replace it with "mp4" in the file title.  NOTE: Make sure that you do not delete the period before the file type, as this will mess with the file itself; make sure it says ".mp4" after you change the file type.

When you do this, you will get a pop-up window asking if you are sure you want to change it.  Select "Use .mp4"

Your file is now in the .mp4 format, which will play within Brightspace without prompting someone to download the file!