In Brightspace, it's incredibly easy to transfer some or all of your course material from an old version of a course into a new course. Follow the steps below in order to copy your course.

1. Go to and enter your new course shell (the one that you will be teaching and want content moved into).

2. Click on "Course Tools" in the blue Navbar for your course.

3. Select "Course Admin" from the dropdown menu.

4. Under "Site Resources" select "Import / Export / Copy Components".

5. You want to "Copy Components from another Org Unit," so you can leave that selected. Click "Search for Offering" and search for the course that currently has the materials you want to copy over.

6. Select the course and click "Add Selected".

7. Click "Copy All Components" if you want everything transferred over. Click "Select Components" if you only want some things transferred. [This will allow you to specify exactly what parts of the old course you want moved over. With this option, you can also tell Brightspace to offset all of the dates in your course to match a new semester's schedule!]