In order to make your course as maneuverable as possible for students, we strongly recommend that you put the links to your Webex meetings into each weekly module for each class day.  That way, they do not have to hunt to try to find the proper link, and they will be able to access it more quickly and easily.

To add the Webex links to your course:

  1. Schedule your meeting in Webex.  For instructions on how to do this, see this article.

  2. Find the link and password from Webex. It will look like the image below. (If you need more help finding this on Webex, view this article).

  3. Enter the Module you created for the week or class session, and select Upload / Create. Then Select Create a Link.

  4. Enter a Title for the link, copy and paste the URL into the URL space, and check the Open as External Resource box.  
    Note: The link will not work if this box is not checked.

  5. Click Create. You should then see something like the image below in the Module.

Adding Passwords or Descriptions

If you choose to have a password (or you are adding a Webex recording, which requires a password), then you can add the password to the link information in the module.

To do this:
  1. Click the arrow next to the Link in the module, then Select Edit Properties in-Place.

  2. In the description box, type the password or whatever information you would like to add about this link.

  3. Click Update. You should then see something like the image below.