If your class has precept groups (made in class) or sections (made via the registrar), you may want to create Brightspace discussion topics for each group/section. Follow the steps below to set this up in your course.

1. Log in to brightspace.ptsem.edu and go into your course.

2. Select Discussions from the blue Navbar.

3. If you haven't already, create a new forum by clicking New and then New Forum.

4. Enter a Forum title (required) and description (optional), then select Save and Add Topic. [Each topic you create will be visible only to one group/section.]

5. Add a Topic title (required) and description (optional). You may want to include the group/section name in the topic title.

6. Assuming you have already created groups or have sections in your course, you will see "Topic Type" above the Topic Title space. Select the second option: "Group or section topic, everyone can access this topic, but students only see threads from their own group or section."

7. Finish setting up the topic and click "Save and Close" or "Save and New" if you want to set up another Topic.