The Welcome Widget is great if you want students to see something the first time they enter your course. Follow the instructions below in order to set it up for your course!

1. Log in to and enter your course.

2. Go to Content in the blue Navbar.

3. Create a new module that has "Welcome" somewhere in the title (e.g. "Welcome to TH 2100!" or "Welcome!")

4. In the module, select Upload / Create and then Create a File.

5. Add whatever you want to show up in the Welcome Widget into the HTML editor. If you want, you can select a Document Template to make things look nice! You can also create more pages in the Welcome Widget by repeating step 4 in the module. Once you have entered the content you want, select Save and Close.

6. You should now see the Welcome Widget pop-up from the Course Home page! It can be permanently dismissed by selecting "Dismiss" from the pop-up. It will still be accessible to students via the "Launch the Quick Guide" button on the home page, as well as from the Welcome module you created in the Content area.