In Brightspace, you can create content that is a link to an outside resource.  This can be an excellent way to share online articles, link students to the necessary ebooks available on the PTS library website, and more!

  1. Enter the Module you created for the week or class session, and select Upload / Create. Then Select Create a Link.

  2. Enter a Title for the link and copy and paste the URL into the URL space.  For articles, videos, and other similar types of content, you can leave the Open as External Resource unchecked, and the content will populate within Brightspace, so students will not be directed to a different webpage.  However, some content will not populate properly if the Open as External Resource box is not checked (like Webex links).  Please test this to make sure that the link will work without that box checked and change the setting if it does not.

  3. Click Create. You should then see something like the image below in the Module.

Adding Passwords or Descriptions

If you would like to add a description to your link for more information and context, here's how!

  1. Click the arrow next to the Link in the module, then Select Edit Properties in-Place.

  2. In the description box, type the information you would like to add for a description to this link.

  3. Click Update. You should then see something like the image below.