You can create Groups within your course to create special work areas where learners can discuss, share, and submit work as a group/precept.

  1. Log in to and go into your course.

  2. Click on “Course Tools” on the blue Navbar to find “Groups.”

  3. Click to “Create a new category.” Add a Category Name.

  4. Under “Enrollment Type” you have the options to select whether students can self-enroll and place other restrictions on the number and size of groups. You can add a description to the entire category or, once the groups are generated, you can click on any of them to add a description to individual groups.

  5. Under “Advanced Properties,” you can add an Expiry Date for students to enroll.

  6. It is also possible to set up “Discussion Areas” or “Assignment Submission Folders” for the groups under “Additional Options.”

  7. Click “Save.”

  8. To make it easy for students to find their group options, you can connect the group sign-up to the module where it would be appropriate for them to sign up for a group. In the module, go to Content and “Create a Link” or “Create a File” and add a quicklink for the Self-enrollment Groups. You can add instructions on that page for when and how they should choose their group.

To see this information in more detail, see this link.