Surveys on Brightspace are very similar to the Quizzes tool in most ways. There are a couple of key differences:

  1. Unlike Quizzes, Surveys can be made anonymous so the instructor cannot see who submitted them.

  2. Surveys cannot be connected to Grades, meaning that they are better suited to informal information gathering rather than classwork or assignments.

To set up a survey in your Brightspace course:

1. Click on the tab called Activities & Assessments, then click on the Surveys option from the drop-down menu. 

2. Click the big blue New Survey button to create your survey. In the new survey screen, give your survey a name and select the options that apply to your survey. If you have questions about the available options, click on the little question marks next to the options for more information. Be sure to click on the Restrictions tab to set up time and user restrictions. The Reports Setup tab will allow you to create a report to see your results after the survey is over. 

3. Next you will create the survey questions.  You can create new questions or reuse questions from a previous quiz or survey.  

4. To add questions to the survey, do one of the following:

  • To add questions directly to the survey, click Add/Edit Questions.
  • To share questions between Self Assessments, Quizzes, and Surveys in the Question Library, click Save and Close to exit the survey. On the Manage Surveys page, from the tool navigation, click Question Library.

5. In the Question Library or the Add/Edit Questions area of the Surveys tool, click New and select the question type or information item you want to create.

6. To return to the Manage Surveys or Edit Survey page, click Done Editing Questions.

7. If you've created questions for your survey outside of the survey (for example, in the Question Library), do the following:

  • On the Manage Surveys page, click the survey name. Click Add/Edit Questions > Import. To import questions from the Question Library, from the Import Source drop-down list, select From an Existing Collection. From the Source Collection drop-down list, select Question Library. To display all questions available, select Collection Root from the Source Section drop-down list. From the Source Collection area, select the checkboxes of the questions you want to import to your survey.

Inviting Students to take the Survey

Once your survey is complete, you will need to let students know where to find it and when it will be available. 

1. You can easily add Surveys to your Content area while in the content area by clicking on Existing Activities and then Surveys.  

2. Then, you choose your Survey from the list and Brightspace will create a link to your Survey in the Content area. 


3. You can also add Surveys to Announcements, Emails, or other text boxes within Brightspace using the Quicklinks button from within any text box.