Brightspace makes it easy to collect assignments and give feedback on them. You can collect digital files in dropboxes, setup an assignment for hard-copy submission, create group assignments, and add instructions for in-person presentations. See the instructions below to help you set up an assignment in Brightspace.

  1. Once in your course page, choose "Course Activities" and then "Assignments" from the blue navigation bar. Select “New Assignment”.

  2. You will see a place to enter a name for the assignment, a score (this will automatically create a linked grade item in your grade book), a due date, and instructions.

  3. If you click on "Availability Dates & Conditions," you can customize when the link to the assignment is viewable and accessible by students by adding a start or end date. (Note: This is not the same as a due date. If you use this feature, you may want to place the end date and time after the due date and time. Submissions will still be marked as late if they come in after the due date/time, but this way students will at least be able to submit the assignment even if it’s a minute or two late.)

    You can also add release conditions to the assignment (e.g. if you only want one student group to see the assignment) or special access (e.g. if you want to give certain students an extended due date).

  4. If you click on "Submission & Completion," you can edit the assignment type (individual or group assignment), the assignment category (if you have or need those), the submission type (file submission, text submission, on paper submission, or observed in person), how many submissions are allowed, and how many submissions are kept in Brightspace.
  • For a paper, it is suggested you choose File Submission. This will allow students to upload a document to Brightspace.
  • Choose Text Submission to have students insert their answers directly in Brightspace via a text box or video recording.
  • If you know that you don't need digital files, you can select Paper Submission. This will allow you to add the assignment instructions, a rubric, and grading into Brightspace, but students would hand the paper in directly to you.
  • Similarly, if you are assigning a presentation, you can select Observed in PersonThis will allow you to add the assignment instructions, a rubric, and grading into Brightspace, but students would present in person instead of digitally.

5. Under "Evaluation & Feedback," you can add a rubric to the assignment. This makes grading very simple and gives students a clear sense of the instructor’s expectations regarding their work. (Here are instructions on how to set up a rubric in Brightspace: Creating an Analytic Rubric). You can also align course Learning Objectives to the assignment. (Here are instructions on adding and aligning Learning Objectives: Adding Learning Outcomes to a Course, Aligning Learning Outcomes with Assignments, and Aligning Learning Outcomes with Rubrics).


6. Once completed, you can click "Save and Close" to finish creating the assignment. Be sure to also change the visibility switch to "Visible" so that students can see the assignment in Brightspace.