Use the Content tool to post and organize course content so that information about course expectations, course syllabus, lecture notes, and important dates display to users clearly.

Creating Content in Brightspace

1. You can add content to your learning modules simply by clicking on the 'New Item' in the module's main menu. 

2. From here, you can select a file to upload (for example a PDF), create a new page, create a new link, or other related items.

Note: Anything that you create will appear at the bottom of the module's content. 

3. If you are uploading a video as content, please be aware that .mov (Mac) files will not play in the browser for Brightspace.  You need to convert the file to an .mp4, which is a very easy process. Instructions for this are here.

4. You can move simply by hovering over the three horizontal lines next to the item and by dragging and dropping to the right spot.