You can set up events in your course calendar so that they display on your students' calendars.  This is especially useful for showing Zoom meetings/links so that they are easy to find and access for students.

1. To set up events in the Calendar, select Calendar from your course page by clicking the arrow to open the drop down menu and selecting "Go to Calendar".

2. Then select "Create Event".

3. Then you can enter in your event title and description, set the day/time, and even paste the Zoom link directly into the description area so students can click through to it.  

4. In order to paste a link like the Chapel does (where it says "Join via Zoom here" with the words hyperlinked), click the chain icon in the menu bar of the description box.  

5. In the menu that opens, scroll down and select URL
6. Then paste your URL in the link box and type your wording that you would like to display in the title box and click Insert.

7. You can set the time/dates of the event and make it recurring under the "When" section.

8. You can even set a restriction for which students can see the event (if it's a precept that not all students would attend) under the Attendees section.

9. When you have finished editing your event, click Create.