This article will walk you through how to self-enroll in a group in Brightspace.  

1. While in the course homepage, select Course Tools from the menu bar and then select Groups from the dropdown menu. (Note: You might also find the Groups link directly on the blue menu bar.)

2. Then select View Available Groups to navigate to the group selection page.

3. If an Expiry date is included, you can see that date in the Available Groups page.  An Expiry date will show you the window within which you are able to join, leave, and change groups.

4. In the Group table, you can review a group, its description, and how many members have already enrolled.  In this example, the groups are titled with the date and time for a live meeting. Some groups for other courses may be titled by topic or just generally by group number.

5. To view who has enrolled in a group, click the associated number under the Members column.

6. To enroll in a group, click Join Group.

7. You will then be taken to a new page, where you can review the members of your group, and, if it has been set up by your instructor, you can view the related assignment submission folder, discussion board, or locker area.  You can also email members of your group by clicking the email icon.

8. If you would like to change groups, you can select Leave Group.  Confirm that you would like to leave this group in the pop up window.  

9. You can then select View Available Groups to review the group options and select your group again.

If you need further assistance, please email