In Brightspace, instructors can add their learning outcomes and then align them to assignments and grading rubrics. For information about setting up learning outcomes in assignments, see the article Aligning Learning Outcomes with Assignments. Follow the instructions below to add learning outcomes to your Brightspace course. (You'll want to set these up before aligning them with assignments or rubrics).

1. In your course, select "Course Tools" and then "Course Admin"

2. In Course Admin under "Assessment," select "Learning Outcomes"

3. Select "Add Outcome," enter your learning outcome, and click "Save." Your outcome has now been added and you will be able to select it from the assignment and rubric tools.

4. If you would like to add lower-level outcomes, select the caret to the right of the outcome and click "Add lower-level outcome." This will create a pyramid or tree of outcomes within your course.

Note: If you would like to draw from Institutional outcomes (e.g. all Life Together courses have outcomes that can be added to a course), select "Import from Program." Then, you can select your desired outcomes and add them to your course. You may want to add your own course objectives alongside these or add your course objectives as lower-level objectives to these (see #4 above).