In Brightspace, instructors can add their learning outcomes and align them to assignments and grading rubrics. For information about how to add learning outcomes to your course, see the article Adding Learning Outcomes to a Course. Follow the instructions below to align your learning outcomes with assignments in your course.

1. In your course, select "Course Activities" and "Assignments."

2. Either select "New Assignment" (if you are starting from scratch) or select the caret next to the assignment title and click "Edit Assignment."

3.  Under the title of the assignment, you will see a link to "Outcomes." Click that link and select which outcomes you would like to align to the assignment. Scroll down in the pop-up box to click "Save." (Note: you will first need to add Learning Outcomes to your course. You can do that by following these instructions: Adding Learning Outcomes to a Course).

4. When students view the assignment, they will be able to see the Learning Outcomes you have aligned. This is a great way to help them understand what they should be able to do upon completing the assignment, and it helps them connect the assignment with the larger outcomes for the course as a whole!

Student view: