In Brightspace, instructors can add their learning outcomes and align them to grading rubrics and assignments. For more information about how to add learning outcomes to your course, see Adding Learning Outcomes to a Course. For information about aligning the outcomes to assignments, see Aligning Learning Outcomes with Assignments. Follow the instructions below to align your learning outcomes with rubrics in your course.

1. In your course, you can access rubrics by selecting "Course Tools" -> "Course Admin" from the blue navigation bar. Then, scroll down to the Assessment category and click on "Rubrics."

2. Either select "New Rubric" (if you are starting from scratch) or select the caret next to the rubric title and click "Edit."

3. In the rubric, you can select "Outcomes" under each criterion. This will allow to select which outcomes connect to that criterion in the rubric. When you are done selecting the outcomes, scroll down to click "Align Outcomes."

For more information, see the Brightspace support page Using Learning Outcomes with Rubrics.