If you are enrolled in several courses at PTS, you may have questions about how to keep track of everything. This learning platform can help by allowing you to synch course calendars with your personal calendar, and enabling notifications for when assignments are changed or added to a course.

Synch Your Calendars

1. Login to Brightspace, then click on a course (or go to the calendar widget on the main landing page, if you would like to download all calendars for all courses).

2. You'll see the Calendar on the right. Click on the small arrow and select Subscribe from the drop down menu.

3. It is preset to download all calendars and tasks. Click the Download button and a .ics file will begin to download.

4. The downloaded .ics file can upload into your personal calendar (Google Calendar, Outlook, iCal).

For detailed instructions related to the calendar you use, see the sites below:


Google Calendar