You can schedule Zoom meetings directly in your Microsoft Outlook Calendar!

  1. Open the Microsoft Outlook program on your desktop or log in to Outlook in your preferred web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge).
    the logo for Microsoft Outlook (blue open envelope with the letter O)
  2. In the Calendar view for Outlook, select New Event in the top left of the window to begin scheduling a new calendar event.

  3. In the window that opens, click Zoom in the top menu bar and "Add a Meeting" to automatically create a new Zoom meeting ID.  If you do not see Zoom as an option automatically, click the three-dot icon to view more options. (Note: If it is your first time using Zoom from Outlook, you will need to sign in. Remember to select SSO to sign in, rather than just entering a password. Enter ptsem if prompted for a company domain.)
    If you would like to customize your Zoom information (select your Personal Meeting ID, add a Waiting Room, or other meeting options), click "Settings" from the Zoom dropdown. A pane will open on the right side of the scheduling window where you can scroll down to adjust your meeting settings. Once you have finished customizing your settings, click "Add Zoom Meeting" at the top of the Settings pane.

  4. A Zoom link should appear in the Location section of your Event information.  This may take a few seconds to populate.
    The Meeting details will populate in the Notes section of the Event. Do not delete this information, as it includes the necessary Passcode to enter the meeting. All Zoom meetings scheduled with PTS require a Passcode.

  5. Continue scheduling your Event as you would an in-person Event.  Options for customizing your Event include: changing the event name, adjusting the date and time, and making it a recurring event.

  6. You can invite people to your Event in the "Add required people" section.  Start typing in their name, and a list of Contacts should populate for you to be able to choose.  Inviting people to your Event will send them an email invitation with all of the Zoom meeting information included.

  7. When you are finished editing your Event information, click Save to create the Event in your Outlook calendar.