You have access to a personal room with your Zoom account.  This meeting room information -- the meeting ID, link, and password -- remains the same.

NOTE: A Host Key is required to be able to join any Zoom meetings through PTS.  You can find the Host Key for your personal room under the Meeting section of the "Profile" page on the Zoom website.

Using Personal Meeting ID (PMI) for instant meetings

  1. Sign in to your desktop client.
  2. From the Home tab, click the downward arrow beside New Meeting.
  3. Verify Use my Personal Meeting ID (PMI) is checked.
    Note: Now when you click New Meeting again, the meeting will use your PMI.

Using Personal Meeting ID (PMI) for scheduled meetings

  1. Sign in to your desktop client.
  2. From the Home tab, click Schedule.
  3. In the Meeting ID section, check Personal Meeting ID.
    Note: Make sure to provide all the necessary information for your meeting.

Customizing Your Zoom Personal Room Information

  1. Sign in to the Zoom website using your PTSEM credentials.
  2. Under My Profile, scroll down to the Meeting section (pictured below).
  3. You can customize your Personal Meeting ID to any 9-digit number by clicking Edit on the right-hand side.  The Personal Meeting ID is one way for people to join your meeting room.
  4. You can customize your personal link.  This is a custom link to your personal meeting room and an easier way to share your meeting information.  One example of a custom personal link (using PTSEM username) is pictured below.
  5. A Host Key is required for all Zoom meetings through PTS.  However, you can customize your personal Host Key to any code you would like.  Use letters, numbers, or a mix of both! To customize your Host Key, click the Edit button on the right-hand side.