1. Click the large gear directly to the right of your name in the upper right of any Brightspace page to access Admin Tools

  1. Under Organization Related, select Media Library
  2. Click blue "Add" button and then choose either
    1. Upload file
      1. Click "Choose File"
      2. Locate file and select from your device
      3. File will save to your Media Library. Once media appears in your Media Library use the 3 dots menu in line with the media to rename, add description, edit to add captions and more.
    2. Record webcam
      1. toggle to audio only to exclude webcam from recording
      2. Press "New Recording" button when ready to record. Recording begins immediately.
      3. Press "Stop Recording" when finished recording. Preview playback begins immediately.
      4. Press "New Recording" again to delete previous attempt and record again.
      5. Click "Next" to Save recording
        1. Add Title
        2. Add Description
        3. Select Audio Language from dropdown
        4. Fill in checkbox to "Automatically generate captions from audio"
      6. Click "Finish"