If you have a Mac, you might be familiar with Quicktime as a program to watch videos.  However, you can also use Quicktime Player to record a video using the built-in camera.  This article will walk you through the steps of how to do so.

1. Open Quicktime Playeron your Mac.  You can find it in the Launchpad.  Once you open it, it should say Quicktime Player next to the Apple icon on your home screen in the very top left on the menu bar.

2. From the menu bar, select File > New Movie Recording.  When the recording controls appear, you see a green light next to the built-in camera in your Mac.

3. Make sure the volume control is at the minimum setting, as shown below.  This volume control simply adjusts the audio you will hear while recording, not the audio that will be on the finished recording.  If it is up above the minimum setting, there will be a very bad echo.

4. Click the Record buttonto start recording; click the Stop buttonwhen you’re done (or use the Touch Bar). To pause recording, Option-Click the Record button, then click it again to resume recording.

5. Choose File > Save to save and name the recording.

With Quicktime Player, you can also screen record and record your audio.  For the steps of how to screen record, see this article here.  For the steps on recording audio, see this article here.